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Proud to be Cape Verdean: A Look at Cape Verdeans in the Golden State


Director:  Mike Costa

Screenwriter:  Mike Costa

Genre:  Documentary


Mike Costa’s film, “Proud to be Cape Verdean: A Look at Cape Verdeans in the Golden State” is a documentary that captures the essence of the Cape Verdean culture in California through an insightful look at individuals and organizations and their desire to maintain their cultural identity. Writer/Producer, Mike Costa’s film highlights the unique Californian, the Cape Verdean, whose distinct classification of African and European roots present them as a robust ingredient in the “Melting Pot” we call America. The music of the Mendes Brothers, John & Ramiro is featured. Actor/Producer Michael Beach lends his voice talents as Narrator.  "Proud to be Cape Verdean" has been critically acclaimed and was selected as an official entry in the 2012 Cabo Verde International Film Festival, 2013 Los Angeles Pan African Film Festival, 2013 Roxbury International Film Festival and the 2014 Cape Verdean American Film Festival. The ground breaking film has been celebrated in New England, Europe, Cape Verde and California.





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